The Outdoor Lovers Guide To Staying Home: Self Isolation Tips

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we’re both self-isolating in the British and Italian countryside respectively and therefore are currently subject to different rules and regulations regarding the possibility to go outside. In Italy, we essentially can’t leave the house without a permit and only to go to the supermarket, pharmacy or for other ‘urgent matters’, whereas in the U.K. we are currently allowed to run and walk outside. Our advice is therefore based on the stricter regulations, not considering the possibility to train or run outside.

Despite having to stay home, we’re trying to find the silver linings and are aiming to use the time to do some of the things that we often put on hold, as well as taking the time to slow down a bit. We wanted to share some tips specifically for adventure lovers, like ourselves, on how we can spend our time at home and plan for future adventures.

Travel the world’s natural history collections and national parks

Browse some of the world’s most renowned museum collections via Google Arts & Culture, from natural history to exploration, not only can you get an insider’s perspective of some of the most coveted collections, many galleries and museums have put up virtual tours so you can ‘walk through’ the museums. Equally exciting, you can visit the US’s national parks here, the closest we can get to the great outdoors for the time being!

Curate your own little outdoors corner

Whether you have a garden, a balcony or just a ray of sunlight coming through the window, you can create your own little garden to tend to during this time, bonus points for creating your own herb or vegetable garden!

Plan your next adventure

Use the time to put down some ideas for your future travel plans, this will hopefully all be over soon! It is the perfect time to do some research, read up on where you want to go and even create some mood boards of ideas that will keep a smile on your face.

Create scrap books from past travels

If you’re anything like us, you probably collect a load of memorabilia from your travels, ticket stubs, photos now lurking in the depths of your camera roll, journal entries, and so on. Why not use the time to create that scrapbook or photo album that you’ve always been meaning to do of some of your past travels, or start your very own travel blog to log all of your fun adventures!

Exercise and train for your future adventures

Find your workout corner at home

We can’t let the prospect of not being allowed out deter us from our fitness goals. While we may not be able to get out into nature, we can certainly use the time to train for our future adventures, see our guide to indoor training for the outdoors.

Read adventure books and listen to podcasts

When we can’t do it in reality, why not let our imaginations take us off on great adventures, from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea to Treasure Island, there are plenty of books to inspire adventure and escapism, here’s a list by GoodReads to give you some inspiration. If you’re country is not able to ship it at present, consider audio books. On the same note, we recommend listening to some podcasts about the outdoors to gear up for your future adventures, or also to find some calm and advice. We’re both fans of She Explores, Outside Podcast, How to Fail with Elizabeth Day, we have even tried our hand at podcasting here.

Watch outdoors and adventure films

Here in Italy and in many countries a lot of digital services and OTT platforms are being made available for free to support people having to stay home, therefore a great excuse to watch or revisit some outdoors films, The Dawn Wall and Valley Uprising on Netflix, Free Solo on Amazon Prime as well as Kilian Jornet’s #SummitsAtHome, making available the adventures of one of the world’s best trail runners. Here’s a list of films to consider and where you can find them.

Learn tips and techniques with online tutorials

brush up on your techniques (online)

Now’s the time to brush up on your techniques and skills with youtube tutorials, from how to set up a multi-pitch anchor to hiking tips for beginners, youtube has got us covered.

Take time to select and cook recipes

Em’s cooking attempts

With an abundance of lemons where Em’s isolated, and a need to get off screens and enjoy the evenings, cooking healthy home made recipes is a great way to enjoy this time. Having recently discovered Deliciously Ella’s Instagram and podcast feed, its been a great source of plant based recipes to get involved in.

Learn a new skill

How about learning to paint some of those beautiful landscapes from your past adventures, or your window (if you’re lucky enough to have a good view). Or re-visit some classics, in the past we’ve attended some fun painting classes and now we’re planning on trying our hand at youtube tutorials or live online classes!

Connect with like minded adventurers

This period eventually will be over! Whilst browsing Instagram, Pinterest and blog sites for your next adventure, why not reach out and make some connections with people feeling similarly outdoor deprived? It’s a great time to contact people and who knows you might even be inspired to make plans for when we can safely go out again.

And on that last note…. drop us a message! Do you have any great isolation ideas for people with itchy feet? Let us know we’d love to hear from you.

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