5 Indoor Workouts For Outdoor Enthusiasts

In a moment where a lot of us are being told to stay home and self isolate in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, we wanted to gather together and share some useful online resources to workout at home to help keep us motivated and train for all of our future adventures and future rainy days.

So here it goes..

  1. Indoor Training for Hikers. This Rei article gives some home exercises to train for hiking, helping you to build strength, endurance and improve your balance for your summer hiking. Rei also has great resources for Trail Running, amongst other outdoor pursuits.

2. Indoor Training for Climbers. This is for climbers that can’t make it to the wall – you’ll just need a bar/something to pull up on for the below video, along with floor exercises. Here’s another one for climbers via Climbing.com, no equipment needed.

3. Yoga for Everyone. We love Adriene’s goofy and down to earth style, she has a huge selection of videos to choose from, yoga for climbers, runners, cosy yoga, the list goes on.

4. Full Body Work Outs. Tone it up cover everything from HIIT to Yoga, great for a short work out with high impact (minus the beach, unfortunately).

5. Black Diamond Training for Ski Touring and other outdoor activities. Black Diamond’s YouTube channel offers plenty of info and advice for all sorts of outdoors training.

Let us know how you’re exercising at home, we’d love to hear some of your stories.

Emily & Zoë x x x

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