Outdoors Inspired New Years Eve

On the doorstep with Zo

It’s the end of November, my advent calendar is waiting for me on the shelf, twinkly lights are appearing and the shops have been overtaken by everything Christmas. Which can only mean people are talking about New Years Eve too. We’re both still relatively undecided this year on our plans, torn between various different plans with different groups of friends on either side of the UK channel. As we’ve both fallen in love with the outdoors though, we’re trying to persuade others to go for some of our favourite more nature based plans.

Here are our top 5 new years outdoors options.

1. Hogmanay in Scotland

New Years is big in Scotland, I mean BIG. People are still drunk on January 2nd. I have had the pleasure to explore in a Camper van some of the stunning scenes Scotland has to offer, from the isles to the northern highlands. As a city/ nature trip it’s dreamy. Just make sure you have some thick socks, a good waterproof and a liking for whisky to keep you warm.

Isle of Arran

2. Ibiza

If you’re more of a winter sun person, the Spanish islands are a little less bleak than most of Europe. Although it has a reputation for being a party island (which incidentally is no bad thing for a new years eve vibe) there is some serious climbing, sailing and hiking in the hidden corners of Ibiza island.

3. Skiing in the Alps

It’s cliched and reserved for years when the budget is a little larger. Party atmosphere tends to be better on the Germanic side of the Alps, as they’re a bit more fond of necking the steins rather than a sophisticated glass of wine. Nonetheless there’s something magical about seeing in a new year in the clean mountain air and breezing off a hangover by hitting the slopes.

Tignes on NYE

4. Iceland

A true natural beauty, but the most likely time of year to see the northern lights. I can only imagine the joys of celebrating the beginning of a new year underneath such a natural phenomenon. The whole country is usually doused in snow which is suitably wintery and magical. The only downside is the 4 hours of daylight which could make for some long days.. or nights as the case may be.

5. Surfing in the Canary Islands

Another option for the sun lovers, the canary islands has a more balmy feel than ibiza, benefitting from being another few thousand miles closer to the equator. There are plenty of hikes, climbs and surfing as new years day activities, whilst some of the bigger towns have the true Spanish party feel. We both are keen to finally try a surf camp and Tenerife offers plenty of options although Blackstone Surf Camp really caught our eye, especially the surf and yoga package. A little winter sun that’s not too far away.

Got any big plans for a new years eve outdoors? Drop us a message we’d love to hear about all your wild ideas.

Love Zo & Em xxx

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