October in the Aosta Valley

This past Sunday we went out to the Aosta Valley with a few friends from our climbing group to do a multi-pitch route. we often stick to a climbing area just outside Milan as it’s the most convenient, however generally speaking it’s good to mix up our routines a little and do something different, or get ourselves in a new environment. I find that even the smallest changes in our daily habits can lead to a shift in perspective or open our minds up to something new. In this case we were in the mountains, at the gateway to the Italian alps, climbing on granite instead of our usual limestone. This meant that we had different problems to solve in our climbing and different views to enjoy on our way up!

View over the mountain tops
Zoë climbing up above the tree tops

The weather was unseasonably warm and the sky was totally clear, so the views were incredible. Going that little bit further out of the city really made a difference, we returned home feeling so much more inspired and re-energised and ready to start the week.

Taking a moment to enjoy the view and the late October sun!

Even just a little difference to your usual routine can change how you feel and gives a new outlook, don’t you think? What little changes have you made recently to mix things up? I also started to bike to work instead of taking the metro and it totally changed my attitude and helps to set me up for the day and wind down after work. Drop us a message here or a comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Emily 🙂

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