Update: Writers block in 2020

What a year. It’s certainly not been as anyone had imagined, planned or foreseen .It’s been turbulent, mentally, emotionally and physically. We’ve not only had Covid to contend with but the fall out of that- the implications of lockdown, not seeing friends and family for long periods of time, the uncertainty of not knowing how long each situation will last, the job and economic worries and future plans becoming impossible. This hasn’t even touched upon bigger issues also arising in society during the year, with the black lives matters protests, the American elections and for the two of us, the trials and tribulations of the Brexit saga.

This goes without saying that we’re both very lucky- and are aware of it. Many people have been in much more tricky positions than us and we are both very grateful for the privileged positions we’re in.

But…we don’t know about you guys but we’re pretty exhausted! Creative juices haven’t always flowed quite as we wanted, accessibility to the outdoors, our biggest focus and passion, hasn’t always been on the cards and sometimes just the need to escape screen time has been very pertinent.

We have a few exciting things to share from recent trips after a little hiatus of writing. We hope to keep going as both Italy and the UK progress in to lockdows again, with all other things permitting.

Let us know if there is any content you’d like to see, anything that has greatly resonated with you or if of course you have felt similar. We love to hear from you all!

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