Keeping the outdoors alive into Autumn

Over 2020 there has been an outdoor revolution- bikes were brushed off, camping became the summer craze and everyone has at least once considered a move to a leafy, rural village. This blossoming took place during lockdown and then conveniently as the sun came out and the incentive to get outside is nicely rewarded with a sun kissed glow. As we draw into September, conkers are on the floor here in Milan, leaves are losing their green and we’re starting to think about the shorter nights and colder mornings. So how do we keep up this outdoors spirit into colder, shorter, wetter days?

All the gear

There’s a saying in Norwegian, which nicely rhymes unlike the English, stating that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Heralding from the north of England, I have found that colleagues in Italy and Spain have genuinely not made it into work or uni due to the rain. Had we used this wonderful excuse in the soggy Sheffield, we would virtually never have left the house. Get a decent waterproof, embrace a good pair of trainers or boots and make sure you have enough fleeces and dynamic layers to keep warm. It will make everything so much more enjoyable.

Embracing the waterproof in all its glory

Embrace different sports

So maybe it’s no longer the season to be taking the SUP out for a swim, or at least as per the previous point, you need a good wetsuit to do so. It is however perfect weather for cycling and hiking, where you don’t need to worry as much about burn and dehydration. As the winter months really start to pull in, we will see the first mountain winter sports arenas opening too, giving us all something to look forward to. A change in temperature simply means a change in focus- take your pick as to what’s next.

Plan, prepare and time

The day’s getting shorter affects us all, and can often leave us prisoners to the work day as we start and end in the precious hours of daylight. This can be difficult to tackle but a bit of simple planning helps out. Why not take your bike out for a spin during a lunch hour? Make sure weekend trips schedule travel time in the early, dark morning to appreciate every last drop of sunlight when you can. And finally- why not (when safe please!) embrace sports that can be done with a headlight? Invest in a good headtorch, bike lights, whatever it may be. We’re not cinderella’s turning into pumpkins when the sun sets.

Mental game

Until I discovered the danish phenomenon hygge I dreaded the winter. I am always cold, love a long summer evening and generally consider winter to be a bit bleak and depressing. Hygge totally changed my mindset- winter is a time to be cosy, to appreciate a hot cup of tea, to spend long nights in with friends, to embrace the wooly jumper and light every candle possible. Deciding to enjoy outdoor winter activities is half of the battle. If you get soaked to the bone on a misadventure? Hey you can get warm and snuggly afterwards.

Have you got any tips on finding outdoor adventures as the seasons transition? Drop me a message, i’d love to hear any exciting nuggets!


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