Reflecting on 2020

Although it can be agreed that this year has been quite the shit show, we’ve been reflecting a bit on the positives that have come out of it. When setting our 2020 goals, our focus was always to find adventures on our doorsteps, however when making our plans for the year ahead, we didn’t realise quite how local that would be and how loosely we’d have to interpret the term ‘adventure’.

In 2020, everyday adventures became a walk around the block, a trip to the supermarket or perhaps even a moment tending to our new houseplants or vegetable seeds. Although we didn’t manage to run our first trail running race, we did start to run more frequently and go on daily walks, building up a consistent habit. We didn’t reach our climbing goals, but we savoured the moments we were able to get out to the crags, or when the climbing gym was open.

We were given the opportunity to appreciate our local surroundings, spending more time noticing what’s around us, becoming familiar with the smaller details. It’s the first time we really noticed the changing of the seasons, watching the trees blossom in the first lockdown with the anticipation of getting outside, through to the leaves falling as we looked forward to them crunching underfoot on our daily walks.

Luckily for us, the outdoors has been a haven during the pandemic, open for all and a place to safely distance from each other, while enjoying being in nature and keeping active. It’s been a place to try out new activities in order to adapt to the reality of 2020; we spent the summer paddle boarding, a safe way to enjoy the seaside, and hiking in the mountains. In fact, the mountains saw many visitors this summer as many more people sought out a socially distanced outdoor holiday immersed in nature.

We’ve all heard of the benefits of a bit of time in nature, but this year we’ve all felt it first-hand. We’ve experienced how important it is to take a little moment to ourselves and spend time in our local green spaces. My daily walks have been a meditative experience, either a moment to listen to some music, a podcast or simply the sounds around me. It’s a moment in which I may leave the house feeling anxious, bored, angry or frustrated but will return feeling refreshed and significantly more relaxed. Simply by placing one foot in front of the other with no expectation other than to move and observe.

So, although it’s most certainly been a tornado of the unexpected, there have been pockets of positivity. When looking towards 2021, which is likely to be a tough year too, our only goals are to take the good habits that we’ve picked up with us and to keep an appreciation of our outdoor spaces, which have not only served as a space for us to enjoy our hobbies this year but have truly helped to get us through it.

Love Em & Zo xx

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