It’s The Perfect Summer To Try Paddleboarding

paddleboaring (SUP) in Camogli
Paddleboarding in Camogli

The wind in your hair, the sun on your back, and the taste of adventure, this is what I had in mind during the first partial easing of lockdown when I decided it was finally time to invest in my very first SUP (stand-up paddle board). Even on those days that the wind is blowing against you, sending your hair into disarray, the sun is scorching down unrelenting on your shoulders and you’re trying to keep your balance against some choppy seas (or lakes), here are some reasons why I think that THIS year, 2020, is really the perfect year to take up this sport.

Social distancing

You’re on your board, safely keeping your 2 metres distance from anyone else, you can avoid crowded beaches and stay far away from anyone. Even if you’re paddling out with a friend you can be sure that you’re safely apart.

Full body workout

Not only is paddleboarding super fun but you also get the benefit of a full body workout , your legs and core are engaged to keep you balanced and your back and shoulders are working hard to paddle you along. If the temperature allows, you can also use it as a cheeky diving board to dip into the water and get the benefits of a swim too.

A new way to discover old haunts

It’s the perfect way to get to know your local area by a different means; along the water ways, across the lake or even in the sea. This summer I’ve been using my board to escape crowds and also discover little coves and deserted beaches along the coast line, but even if you’re renting a board on a lake or river you can discover plenty nearby.

Calming effect of nature

I think we’ve all read about the benefits of being outdoors in nature and this is yet another way to experience nature locally and enjoy the calming benefits of being connected to nature and the outdoors.

Adventure potential

The great thing about paddle boards is that they can appeal to everyone, you can use it as merely an excuse to paddle away from the beach and lay out, topping up your tan away from the masses, or equally you can pack up your bags and plan a proper excursion, camping gear and all. There’s also a middle ground which is discovering local places, paddling out to watch the sunset from a unique perspective, as well as just enjoying being out on the water. Unlike a kayak you can paddle out and truly relax once you’ve stopped paddling, lying down, dipping you legs in the water and even cracking open a beer on your little floating platform.

Yoga SUP

If you rather keep things calm then you can use a paddle board as a floating yoga mat and practise your downward facing dog on the sea. There are plenty of places offering this service or if you’re feeling confident you can try it for yourself, once again adding to the work out potential.

These are just a few reasons that are making paddle boarding a huge hit this summer and why we think that you should try it too!


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