The Yoga cliches are true

I had often looked down a little on the yoga hype, with spiritual yogees preaching the transformational effects that a few stretches and breathing have had on their lives. That is, until I truly found it for myself.

Now before you panic, this is not a ‘yoga changed my life’ post. It has not. I have just appreciated the benefits of introducing it into my life, as a mostly sedate office worker with forever itchy feet to be exercising, pushing my body and keeping the whirring cogs in my mind calm.

Along with Emily, my trusty exercise fellow, we scouted out some yoga classes in our local area in Milan and donned the lycra. This opened my eyes further to the different types of yoga and the styles of teaching. It also rapidly expanded my Italian vocabulary as I thought the word for down (giù) sounded remarkably Japanese to be used so frequently…

I am personally a fan of the heavier stretching, usually known as Vinyasa, the sort of class that leaves you feeling thoroughly wrung out. I find that the sheer concentration and, at times pain, of the deep exercise clears the mind and an enduring sense of achievement and zen then prevails. The more spiritual forms, most commonly Yin Yoga classes, that involve a greater focus on meditation and periods of pondering leave me a little giggly and unfocused. But hey, that’s just me, everyone is different.

As the world as we know it seems to have been turned a little upside down, or rather just indoors, I have found myself turning a lot to my new love of yoga, through various different online channels. It takes my mind away from the stresses of the what ifs, and my temporary loss of the life I usually lead. I have also found myself bonding with my mother, my boyfriends mother, my cousin and other friends over an activity that can be enjoyed by all at their own personal level.

As i’m sure this indoor period continues, I will discover a whole range of different yoga videos, channels, apps… For now, i’m sticking to my trusty Adriene in the evenings and a 30 day course, as well as a new channel made by a yoga instructor local to me and shares my name, Flo with Zo.

Adrienne from the beach- 12 minutes of perfect stretching

Have you got any great recommendations? Have you found a similar affinity with Yoga? Or any particular style of it?

Lots of love, Zo xx

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