Falling into Autumn

We have both returned to the moderately warm temperature of Milan to feel fresh again, the mosqiutos mostly dissapated. I took a business trip to Vegas where the hot sun blasted down my final sun rays, my final shot of vitamin d for the year. As september closes in I often feel the nostalgia for leaves littering the streets, long evenings wrapped in a blanket and the need for a duvet and woolly jumper again.

Piazza Gae Aulenti looking autumnal

The temptation over summer is to eat, drink and socialise plentifully as the sun comes down. As a Brit i feel a particular sense of urgency when the sun comes out as we get it so infrequently. But as September rolls in I get the back to school butterflies, the yearning for the next and in my opinion most glorious season. So here are the top things I’m looking forward to in Autumn.

1. Jumper weather. My wardrobe is rife with cable knits, high necks, scandi patterned jumpers. After a long season of leg shaving and fake tanning I am excited to dig out the knitwear.

2. Leaf kicking. My mum bought me specific boots as a child to “scuff leaves”. It’s a wonderfully childish activity that I never fail to enjoy.

3. Creative time. Saturday nights in because the rain dampens any vibe to go out, leaving loads of time to get working on new projects, throwing myself into them.

4. Warranting a duvet. Arent they just the best things? Sheets get tangled in the sweaty summer months, duvets are like a comforting marshmallow floating you away into dream land.

5. Celebrations. For me autumn is the rolling into Christmas, punctuated by halloween, harvest, thanksgiving, bonfire night, advent… alright I don’t celebrate all of them but the excitement just gets more magical with each shorter day.

So much to look forward to and hopefully many a creative evening snuggled under a duvet, a cup of tea in hand, watching leaves fall in beautiful colours outside the window.

Onthedoorstep with Zo

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