September Round Up: Onthedoorstep

What we’ve been up to

Zo tackling the last pitch of her first multi-pitch route, Baiedo.
  • Multipitch Rocca di Baiedo. We finally managed to do a Multipitch climbing route (almost) together. Learning the ropes of this more complicated climbing technique!
  • Varenna, Lake Como: Zo took some friends up to a favourite spot on Lake Como for a weekend of sun, wine and catch ups.
  • Yoga Runaway Milano: Having both been searching for a yoga class in Milan we bit the bullet and had a fantastic experience at Runaway Milano, great recommendation, we will be back.
  • Las Vegas: Zo had a mad weekend on a business trip in Vegas, a crazy place.
  • Lake Iseo & Monte Isola: Em spent the day in the beautiful Franciacorta wine region, enjoying some hiking and the local wine.

Where we’ve been hanging out…

Cute decor at Salumeria del Design in Pasteur, Milan
  • Tipografia Alimentare: a spot discovered by Em in the up and coming NoLo in Milan, I can see it becoming a regular with great service, excellent wine and even a taster of ‘orange wine’.
  • East River Martesana: An outdoor warehouse spot near Em’s apartment that are starting to organise loads of outdoor, mindfulness get togethers, squeezing out the last of it before it gets too cold!
  • Salumeria del Design: A cute bar and event space that occasionally hosts vintage markets and street parties

What we’ve been listening to…

  • Podcasts: The High Low is still hitting our favourite spots, as is the classic FT news briefing podcast as the impending Brexit features in our daily wake up routine. Em has also been enjoying Oprah’s super soul conversations.
  • Music: Zo is excited about the new indie releases into autumn with the Editors, Bon Iver, both Gallagher brothers and Bombay Bicycle Club all taking up her spotify playlists. Em is spending her autumn evenings listening to Lana Del Rey’s new (ish) album, and indulging in some guilty pleasures, listening to the jazz version of Disney songs, recommended by a friend’s masseuse..yep.. not cool but great when you’re feeling stressed – how can your mood not be improved by bibbidi, bobbidi boo (in French).

New Discoveries

We are loving Tyler Knott Greyson’s daily Haikus on Instagram, with little snippets of advice and love

What we’ll be looking forward to in October…

  • Em has a fantastic trip to Sardinia planned, involving a ferry trip, a sea view climb and horse riding in the mountains.
  • Snuggling in to autumn- check out the article!
  • Playlists section, spotify links to follow incase you’ve ever wondered which playlists accompany us on our everyday adventures
  • Zo is moving house! Biting the bullet and moving across town to the infamous NoLo

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