How to Stay Motivated To Exercise in Winter

Anyone else find it really difficult to stay on track with exercise plans now that we’re heading well into autumn? The nights are getting longer and days are getting shorter and I’m finding it more and more difficult to get myself out of my cosy bed in the morning and do anything but return to it in the evening.

Nevertheless I don’t want the change in temperature to totally affect my exercise routine, rather I would like to try to adapt it to suit the season, so here are some suggestions that I will also try my best to follow :

Try working out at home.

When arriving home from work and it’s already dark outside, the last thing I feel like doing is getting back outside to go and sweat, in this case I try to work out at home instead. My favourite option is always Yoga with Adriene, I follow her youtube channel and browse the videos, selecting a topic based on how i’m feeling, she has something for everyone. If I want to try something a little more high-energy then I either follow Tone it up’s free workouts, or just do a series of basic exercises like squats, plank, lunges, etc. something’s better than nothing, right?

Start a new activity

There’s no better way to motivate yourself than starting something new, the excitement of learning something from scratch and looking forward to your next class. I recently started yoga lessons and I find myself looking forward to going to the studio, seeing people that I wouldn’t otherwise see and teaching my body something new. I don’t think it even needs to be sports related, but I believe that anything to get you inspired and motivated will help in all aspects of your life, whether it be a painting class, piano lessons, a wine tasting course.. bringing a friend along also helps with accountability!

Get outdoors on a sunny weekend!

This one is more adapted to weekends but you can see our post about trying to capture the feeling of being outdoors in everyday city life. Getting out and about at the weekend, seeing different places, walking around a new city or hiking up a mountain, hill, around the neighbourhood. As the days get shorter and the majority of us are inside most of the week and with so many of us suffering from SAD (seasonal affected disorder) it’s a good idea to get outdoors and into nature to soak up some rays.

Get outdoors on a rainy weekend!

This could be my English heritage talking, but I love a rainy hike with the promise of a cosy pub lunch or dinner as the final reward. Growing up in Norfolk, boxing day walks with the whole family were mandatory, every year we somewhat grudgingly gear up for a bracing walk on the coast, wind pounding our faces and ears, fingers stinging from the cold but yet somehow we always end up enjoying it. it’s obviously recommended to wear sensible clothing and not get yourself into any precarious situations, but what I’m trying to say is don’t let the rain stop you from getting outdoors and enjoying your weekend!

As I mentioned, I think finding ways to get yourself motivated in general will have repercussions across the board, so it can only be beneficial for your general fitness. I will also continue to go regularly to my local climbing gym but honestly I’ll probably spend a little more time cosying up at home.. tis the season after all

Emily x x

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