Kit Review: Salomon Speedcross 5

I am now on my third pair of Salomon Speedcross trail running shoes as I think they’re just so bloody brilliant. Although not a hardy mountain trail runner, I do frequently run cross country, as well as in the city and across terrain. As I have become more and more of a keen climber and hiker I have needed a pair of shoes that can cover many grounds, as I simply do not have space nor budget for multiple pairs for all occasions. I am delighted to say that the Salomon Speedcross have managed to do all these jobs very effectively. Rather than just harping on about how great I think they are, I thought I would make a structured list of some of the pros and cons.

Me & the salomon’s out on a hike


They are so light. This means that they’re not only feathery on the end of my rather spindly legs, they also fit neatly into backpacks for a multipitch climb, a long distance hike like the Tour du Mont Blanc we did earlier in the year and for travelling when weight is a concern for flying.

Elasticated Laces

Okay I know i’m not 5 and I can tie my laces with no issue. But they’re so convenient!! They slip on and off for multipitches, they hold tight thanks to the elastication and you’re not stopping to constantly retied undone knots.


The first time I ran with my Speedcross, I felt like I was a grasshopper. The soles are made to mould to your feet and really give a cushioned feeling that makes every run that little bit lighter. I’m sure it does wonders for my knees too, however with zero expertise on this matter I shall refrain from commenting.


The ‘lugs’ on the sole are quite something. I am a little like a baby giraffe taking its first steps and prone to a slip or two in muddy conditions. Not with these baby’s on my feet. I have found the grip works perfectly for slippy terrain, without being cumbersome on concrete pavements.


Unfortunately I have not been blessed with rose scented feet. Trainers can be a bit of a haven for smells as we often get them hot and sweaty and they can be made of a lot of artificial materials, which don’t help with bacteria growth or breathability. I have never found that my Salmon’s have suffered this which says a lot.


Have I mentioned that they’ve done pretty much every outdoor pursuit with me for the last 5 years? I have run marathons, hiked around mont blanc, multi-pitched in the alps, climbed Ben Nevis… the list could go on. Now I will concede, if you’re a purist, you should seek more specialist walking boots with ankle support, approach shoes with toe caps for climbs if you’re using them frequently to avoid injury. However, I have found these to be a fantastic ‘starter’ shoe. I haven’t been in a position to carry or purchase multiple pairs of shoes yet have wanted to do certain activities. These have allowed me to competently start trail running, hiking and climbing for which I think they’re great.

Not Waterproof

My one downside is that I have the standard, non gore-tex pair. This means that they’re not waterproof. Puddle dodging only gets you so far and once you’re caught short, you’re in for a wet foot.


They’re a great all rounder and starter shoe for exploring more adventure sports. When you get into things a little more and decide you’re sticking around, think about a more technical option, and don’t forget the waterproofing!

Who needs leather hiking boots when you’ve got these?!

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