Top 5 Summer Outdoor Activities To Try in Liguria

Genoa is the gateway to the Italian riviera, a coastline dotted with beautiful little towns perched along the famous Ligurian hills, well known for its beaches, pesto and focaccia , and also somewhat of an outdoor activity haven. We’ve put together a list of some the best outdoor activities for you to try in Liguria during the summer, so if you’re planning a weekend in Genoa and are stuck for ideas or are looking for some Italian travel inspo, then look no further:

Learn to Surf in Recco

Blackwave offer surf hire or lessons, plus you can follow your surf session with an aperitivo at their fishmarket. Surfing in the summer is very much weather dependent, while waves aren’t always guaranteed, there are plenty more activities to keep you occupied such as kayaking and SUP hire. There is also the possibility to take a transfer to where there may be other waves close by. Finish up the day with a delicious bite to eat at their surf hut.

Sunset SUP Tour in Bogliasco

Take a sunset SUP tour or learn yoga on the water with Roofless. Explore the coastline in a new way and escape the summer heat by paddling out into the sunset, or try your hand at yoga onboard.

Kayak in Paraggi and Portofino

Kayak around Paraggi and Portofino with Outdoor Portofino. Explore the beautiful bay of Portofino by kayak, paddle past the super yachts and find secret beaches and coves to enjoy the water all to yourself.

Hike from Camogli to San Fruttuoso

View from San Rocco, Camogli on hike to Punta Chiappa and San Fruttuoso
View from San Rocco

Hike from San Rocco in Camogli to San Fruttuoso with a stop off in Punta Chiappa to cliff jump. After descending down the steps from San Rocco, cool off by jumping into the deep water at Punta Chiappa before heading off on your hilly hike to San Fruttuoso. The second part of the hike is tough and not a simple walk so if you go in the summer make sure you go early and dress accordingly. If you don’t fancy the hike back then nip on the ferry to Camogli or Portofino. If you’re pressed for time or want an easier option then you could try hiking to Punta Chiappa with a couple of beers to watch the sun set over the mediterranean sea, it only takes about half an hour to hike down but allow for double that to hike back up!

Climb in Val Pennavaire

Crag Ciusa, climbing in Val Pennavaire, Albenga
Zoe climbing at la Ciusa

Enjoy some shady crags and the sound of the river running by as you climb in this beautiful valley close to Albenga, not far from the legendary Finale Ligure. See our recommendations here.

Whether you’re planning a quick weekend visit or putting together some ideas for a future holiday, we hope we’ve given you some ideas to get going. Drop us a message for more info or to to let us know about your experiences!


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