Some Quiet Time

It’s fair to say we’ve both been a bit quiet on this end. As the lockdown from Covid started to lift, winding us back into normality and then led us into further tragedy as the events of the black lives matter protests unfolded, we have both been left feeling totally overwhelmed by the world.

A lot of us have spent a considerable amount of time reflecting during the long, enforced period of time inside on our life choices, where we would like to be, the pace of life we would like to have and perhaps some changes we would like to make. The reality, it seems, is not quite so simple.

With the global economy in severe downturn, having a job is something we are both very grateful for and not to be taken for granted. This doesn’t mean that the speed of hitting the commute and getting back to the office isn’t something that is suddenly an exhausting assault on the senses.

Add to this the magnitude of emotions that 2020 has brought with various different events, it’s very difficult to find any words that are sufficient and don’t add further potentially unhelpful noise to an incredibly loud space.

Indeed, the speed of life when we can once again see friends, move around, practice sports, leaves precious time for the activities we enjoy alone; writing namely being one!

So it’s time for a bit of quiet. We’re finding our creative voices again and desperately trying to take some time to just ‘be’, and dim the cacophony that leaving isolation has delivered.

Keep your eyes open for some great things coming from us soon. And as our British roots taught us- every tea drinker knows, the best brews come from a quiet pondering simmer.

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