About Us

On the doorstep was inspired by the every day adventures we had begun to throw ourselves in to and wanted others to enjoy similar exciting triumphs in their local area

We being Em and Zo- quick bio!

We both currently live in Milan so a lot of our everyday adventures feature the stunning alps, ligurian coast and lakes nearby, as well as the various bars, cafes and food spots that pepper the streets of the city. As we are both Brits abroad, we are in a unique position to hop back and forth a lot. Em is from Norfolk (East of England) whilst Zo is from Yorkshire (northern England), giving us both another outdoor playground on our home doorsteps.

Climbing, Hiking, Cycling, Paddleboarding, Kayaking, Skiing, Surfing, Snowboarding… to name a few! We’re both relatively new to the climbing scene but have both dabbled in plenty of outdoors activities as children and in more recent years. Relatively normals girls, we’re not outdoor nuts with superhuman strength but love fresh air and new activities.

Some of our content also focuses on wider issues that pop up in our daily life including mindfulness, reading, sustainability & environmental concerns… most things that 20-30 year old encounter and ponder.

We’re true believers in grassroots, quality growth movements so onthedoorstep is a work in progress. We’re always open to ideas and hoping to add and refine more as we learn and develop. Shout if you have any ideas!

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. From Easter to October I have a B&B open in the Aosta Valley. Perfect for walking and climbing.
    La Cascata fraz le Grand Hoel 21 Montjovet 11020 AO


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