Wine Wednesdays- La Petiscaria

Portuguese feels in Milano

“Portugal is like Italy… but quieter” in the famous words of a notoriously chilled italian. Escaping the buzz we retreated to a Portuguese haunt nestled in the area of Milan named Isola. The Shoreditch of the city, 10 years ago residents would’ve shuddered at the thought, now its streets are seeing a new hipster idea roll in to its shop fronts every week. La Petiscaria is one of these hidden gems.

Run by portuguese women and decorated with all things Portuguese, it certainly feels like you’ve taken a quick trip to the iberian peninsula. We indulged in a cheese board, Portuguese bubbly and of course, to top it off, a scrumptious glass of port.

Em has a close friend in Portugal and has visited many a time, whereas I have only just booked my first trip having had it on my bucket list for years. The heat wave in Milan certainly helped with the holiday feels but as a post work treat it was like stepping in to an alternative paradise, with the waves rolling somewhere close by. Cliched, but there is something a little magical about recreating an environment that feels vastly different to the one we live in, with the simple combination of some food, music and decor.

Just another everyday adventure on the doorstep.

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