May Round Up: onthedoorstep

As we’re British, we’ve got to open with the inevitable weather conversation. Apparently, the worst May in Milan in 70 years, although I do feel that figure increases with every soggy day and despairing expat I speak to. We have been super busy and have finally compiled our first montly roundup which is very exciting for us both. Check out the podcast which also details our mixed may and what we’ve been up to onthedoorstep, both here in Milan and on our many adventures- spoiler these include an exotic foodie trip to Seville and a slightly less exotic, chilly camping trip to the lake district, England.

What have we been up to?

  • A rained off weekend in Arco- what could’ve been a beautiful spring climbing trip to Lake Garda and its famous surrounding climbing areas was quite literally pissed on. Rearranged for June with the hope that everyones diaries schedule.
  • Marathons & Multipitches- Staying on a climbing note we participated in a ‘marathon’ climbing competition at our local wall, Manga as well as both learning to Multipitch- Em in Lecco and Zo in snowy Switzerland.
  • Never Stop Milano with North Face- Frequenting the local parks, the event batters your thighs after a day’s work…we will go back in June… promise.
  • Pennelino Starry Nights- creative vibes took over when we went to a painting aperitivo, enjoying the delights of pennellinos starry nights tutorial. What a dream! (puns, again)

Where have we been eating and drinking?

  • Brunch brunch brunch- as the fashion for brunching picks up traction here in Milan, we have both picked a few partial spots, including California bakery (Corso Como & Brera) and Avo (Cinque Giornate). As is a novelty, your wallet feels the opposite to your stomach.
  • Nolo Ape Scene- We have frequented Caffinera and la Salumeria del Desigin, both in the upcoming Nolo area. North-of-Loreto for non Milaners- the ‘Soho’ of London. Hipster vibes and refillable wines.
  • Otto- a well-documented classic amongst those in the Milan know- its got a work vibe, a coffee vibe, a cocktail vibe and all dusted off with scandi hanging plantpots and science lab stools. Too good to miss.

Cultural thoughts?

  • We’ve both been reading Michele Obama- with cynicism and pleasant surprise. Inspiring women globally can’t really be knocked, and with such down to earth tones.
  • Zo has embarked upon the psychology “thinking, fast and slow” which is, as the title suggests, a little slow. A report back may be required in June.
  • Em has felt the spiritual vibes with an array of motivation books, including Tony Robbins.
  • Aside from our hunger for podcasts on making podcasts, Em has been firmly listening to sleep podcasts, with a particular penchant for the Stephen fry one, to which she confessed to listening to over 100 times this year… thoughts?! Zo is still in love with the High Low after ravishing Dolly Alderton’s book recently and taking notes from a successful female duo on the podcast scene.
  • Foals’ new album is rolling us in to summer with the upbeat ‘exits’ for happy times and deeper moments on ‘Sunday’ on wetter…well Sunday’s.

Italian ‘figura di merda’

  • Prize of the month goes to the wonderful Max, who declared freckles to be ‘pinkles’, making us think of either pimples or pinkie and the brain. Can’t decide if its more or less offensive than his recent ‘as white as a mozzerrrrrrella’.

Junes promises….

Arco please? Sun? We’re hoping to get out on the water and get a bit of canoeing in, as well as the kayaking. Facing a busy month at work, we’re both investigating some yoga, which will hopefully be in another outdoor location. Upcoming trips include Liguria, Yorkshire and Lake Orta, whilst festivals on the homefront in Milan are looking promising with the healthytude and Lambrate visionary rooftop welcoming the summertime in to the city. Oh, and we might psych ourselves up to the never stop Milano again, wish us luck!

Thanks for reading, what everyday adventures have you discovered on your doorstep? Give us a shout! We’re new, enthusiastic and all ears, drop us a message.

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